April 13, 2011


Some are fasting against the Tea Party/Republican budget cuts (video link) — but they shouldn't be saving any dessert for Obama and the Dems who are enabling these corpoholics.


Moriah said...

Welcome back! I signed up to fast one day. It seems I have a lot of company. I don't know if it will do any good, but it can't hurt.

Under Assault said...

Hi, Moriah, nice to hear from you.
I'm not really back. In fact, I took terminal leave and am no longer teaching. I wasn't teaching my subject anyway, so couldn't see the point. I'd say they were marginalizing me for my activism, but I just heard about a whole bunch of music teachers with horror stories and these people are NOT activists. So who knows.

Nothing, in fact, was making sense anymore. Couldn't be a part of it and hold on to my integrity.

ed notes online said...

Your story as an ATR and the choice to leave rather than stay at what so many people see as a gravy train is worth sharing. Enjoy retirement.

Under Assault said...

I'm birdwatching, which has a lot of things going for it that teaching didn't:
a. the time to study and learn,
b. long-standing, respected traditions of what works, and
c. guidebooks that don't try to portray things other than what they are.