September 10, 2010

Hochstadt's letter to the WSJ on ATRs

If you haven't read this letter to the editor of the Wall Street Journal — and it's so well written and to the point — here's an excerpt (italics mine):

The Chancellor’s policy to decrease the proportion of tenured teachers by making tenure hard to achieve is one he is entirely reasonable in promulgating. The invidious ways in which he seeks to purge already tenured teachers is depriving the city’s students of experienced, tried and true educators, and is contractually, statutorily, and constitutionally unlawful . . .

. . . Gimmicks will not work, no idea that only involves the 8% of time the students are in school will work, the educational schism of the haves and the have-nots has grown too vast. . .

Hochstadt makes all the right points, so if you want to put SOMETHING in everyone's mailbox that's worth the paper it's written on, try this letter.

These new TJC leaflets need to get circulated as well:
The UFT Must Mobilize to Protect New Teachers!

The UFT Must Stop Supporting Politicians Who Don’t Support Us!

Contract Catastrophe
More info on the TJC website.

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