January 5, 2008

A new scare in the air ... for ATRs

I've been reading some posts on Ednotes and PissedOff about Randi walking into a Queens rubber room with bad tidings about the future of ATRs and her possible inability -- or more likely, her unwillingness -- to fight the fight.

I do not have enough information to report anything new on this issue just yet, but am alerting readers to the ongoing discussion in the comments section of the second one above and encourage people to join in over there.
(P.S.: A small tussle between Schoolgal and myself developed in the comments section after I posted this blog earlier this afternoon. I didn't know that would happen.)

Keep in mind that this whole thing is a POLITICAL fight with the BloomKlein faux-administration.

It is not a fight about how well you do your job.

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proofoflife said...

I read what you wrote. You are 100% correct. I too would have a lot of trouble if my school closed. The "open " transfer market is not open. It is closed to anyone over 30 years old. The fact that schoolgal has resentments against teachers collecting salaries when sent to the rubber room shows that she may be misinformed. Teachers are sent there sometimes through no fault of their own. I am also a U rated teacher advocate .School gal could get a million lawyers, but if the boss is out to get you it wouldn't matter!Only about 1% of U ratings ever gets over turned. That is a fact.