April 27, 2010

The Bronx vs Diaz Sr.

The Bronx UFT took up the fight against Diaz's bill on teacher layoffs with a rally outside the senator's office on Rogers Place. If he had been there, he could have heard this fun chant in support of senior teachers:
Kind of catchy. I like it.

I also liked what District Rep Annette Carlucci had to say when it was her turn at the mic:
It has been my honor to service 65 high schools in the Bronx.

For them I say to you Sen. Ruben Diaz, Sr. —

SHAME ON YOU for giving up your integrity to become a puppet for the city.

SHAME ON YOU for disrespecting those individuals who chose teaching as a career and have dedicated their lives to education.

SHAME ON YOU for dismissing their knowledge and expertise . . . reducing them to just a dollar sign.

SHAME ON YOU for demeaning their contribution to education and the impact they have on the children of New York City.

There's a better way to save money, and it is not at the expense of our children.

You should have known better, Senator Diaz!

You go, girl!

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Anonymous said...

UA - This is so cool! I'm glad you put this in your blog.