June 12, 2008

A moment of thanks

I'm 100% sure that the guys who found my cellphone on the subway won't ever read this blog, but I needed to memorialize their kindness anyway.

I had gone down by subway through three boroughs, from the north Bronx through Manhattan and into Brooklyn, before I found my phone was missing. The young guy I eventually got it back from told me that a man had noticed it on the floor of the car at 42nd Street. He said it passed quickly through a number of hands before someone gave it to him to deal with just as the doors were closing.

So thank you, anonymous New Yorkers. It's small moments like these that remind me how much I'm happy mixing in among you.


  1. That was a nice act of kindness.

  2. I had someone return my wallet the same way--all money are cards were there and he refused a reward.

    I had done same thing for someone a few years earlier. It's called "paying it forward." I'm sure you have done many good deeds in the past so you earned your reward now.

  3. When we were living in Queens, my husband found 80 cents in our shared hallway. He was going to take it, but realized that the young woman upstairs was a college student and was probably broke, so he put it on the ledge for her to find.
    As he walked up to a local store, he found 80 dollars on the sidewalk.
    True story.