July 10, 2008

Career choices

Here’s a better 10-week program than TFA to give you a whole bunch of skills for your next real job.

(Picture from the website.)

The 2008 Patriot Corps

campaign branch of the

The 2008 Progressive Patriots Fund

Russ Feingold, Honorary Chair

“We're looking to hire energetic, personable activists that want to make a difference in the 2008 election cycle.”— Senator Russ Feingold

* Work 7 days a week, 12 hours a day
* Housing provided
* Gas costs reimbursed
* Guidance and support provided


“I learned so many valuable skills . . . After working for the Patriot Corps, I was offered a job with the Wisconsin AFL-CIO.

“[The] Patriot Corp program gave me invaluable tools in organizing and running campaigns that have helped me become a successful advocate for progressive candidates!”

“After successfully helping elect Jon Tester to the US Senate . . . I was hired by Democracy for America. I am now the Training Director and oversee one of the largest progressive campaign training organizations in the country.”

Seriously, folks. When I think of what best thing people can do with their lives, I keep coming back to:


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