October 28, 2009




NEW YORKERS don't need

a self-serving billionaire

and an entrenched oligarchy

carving up the city

and lying to us

for another

four years.

Excerpts from Mayor Bloomberg’s Report Card

From the Chinatown Community

While the Chinatown community is still trying to recover from the 9/11 disaster, Mayor Bloomberg’s policies have only made immigrant working families and small businesses suffer more during his eight years in office.

F In Quality of Life & Housing

Bloomberg’s rezoning plan in the community has resulted in eviction for hundreds of residents and soaring rents of as much as 400% for both residents and small businesses.

Bloomberg has allowed illegal rent gouging to continue on City property without any oversight for many years.

While working families are being displaced from NYC, Bloomberg continues to give tax incentives to luxury developers, only resulting in luxury condos and hotels sitting empty our community.

F In Education

Bloomberg is Cheating! He is inflating school performance scores to cover up problems of overcrowding, cuts in after-school services in schools, and disparities in schools in different communities.

He is excluding parents from important decisions.

F In Democracy

Overturning term limits is something even Guiliani did not do — even right after 9/11; but Bloomberg does it after promising otherwise.

His hijacking of democracy coupled with a $200 million dollar budget, denied New Yorkers a broader choice of candidates for Mayor.

A+ In Lying

Bloomberg is a master of saying one thing and doing another!


  1. Bloomburg has done more for education than any mayor in the history of New York. He paid for my son's trip to Washington, DC and he helped by sister-in-law start a charter school where the students learn good.

    If not Bloomburg then whom?

  2. I don't have to answer that question. The comment answers itself.