December 19, 2009


This post was written before the UFT changed course. Oy.

See an update at "Mulgrew morphs."

I don't get to open my copy of the NY Teacher until the weekend, though I might have known by the end of the the Delegate Assembly last Wednesday what it was going to feature.

"MISMANAGEMENT CENTRAL" - a bold heading over a very washed out picture of Tweed.

For those who believe the UFT's had no viable or even discernible strategy throughout the Weingarten stewardship except to run us into the ground, that front page speaks for itself.

MISMANAGEMENT, yes. But not Tweed's.

Klein's doing a great job — a masterful job, in fact — shredding public education in NYC, defying accountability, transparency, law and ethics.

He's also busted one of the largest unions in the country: ours, and you can't beat that record.

MISMANAGEMENT CENTRAL is Unity Caucus, which is taking us whitewater rafting down a very long and angry river without paddles, lifesavers, or strategic thinkers at the helm.

The "Mismanagement" campaign of our new UFT prez is the most recent case in point.

You can't call Joel Klein or Michael Bloomberg bad managers. Having got so much of what they wanted already, they're now setting their sights on the last bits, like tenure, teacher evaluation idiocies, and what's left of seniority rights.

But, UFT mismanagers have been allowing them to chop off bits of our lifeline with each successive contract, and obviously they continue to take us all for a ride.

And I agree with that headline on's link to the NY Teacher:


  1. I agree with the first premise:

    Bloom/Klein know precisely what they are doing. For years now, I've declared that they, along with their many friends and associates, are geniuses at inflicting hell upon the teachers, and, latterly, other school personnel and children.

    The UFT, however, is guilty of no mismanagement. They are committed to the same objectives of the DoE, with one addition: sucking blood and life out of teachers by charging them membership dues to destroy their lives.

    The worthy Federal Court action which foundered because of its crooked attorney put the UFT at the same table with the DoE. The UFT belongs at the table for the defense, since they are calculated criminals.

    The DoE can be clearly seen as enemy. Too many teachers and wannabe (newbie) teachers have yet to realize that they are being pauperized, pimped, beaten and robbed by their "protectors," the UFT.

    Wake up, everyone.


  2. What is the solution? Run for the hills?

  3. The Solution is to STRIKE!