January 23, 2010

Unity/UFT has style

While I'm finishing up a longer commentary on the union's grandstanding on school closings, I'll take a second here to put up my comment to the Ednotes post two days ago, in which he expanded on my Finally post from the day before.

Needless to say I agree with Norm when he says:
"I still maintain it is just style over substance and with an election coming up Mulgrew must sound militant."
Here's some of what I wrote in the comments:
I did not want to give the impression that I think Mulgrew will act in accordance with his words. I've watched Unity too long for that, where they say one thing and do another, as in Weingarten's sabotaging of the 2008 ATR rally at Tweed.

And you don't even have to go back that far. Today's chapter leader weekly doesn't even mention yesterday's protest at Bloomberg's residence, even though it's plastered over the media from the Times to the Huffington Post.

So here's Mulgrew on Dec. 20th complimenting PS 15 activists at the DA, yet choosing not to even acknowledge their nationally reported rally two days later in an in-house newsletter. Such is Unity.

They're publicly taking on some ICE positions (what did take them so long) — but . . . what's going on underneath, out of the light of day is anyone's guess . . .
So I'll bet to Scott — and certainly the way I see it — it's more sinister than style over substance. It's style designed to camouflage selling the membership out behind closed doors.

That's because the UFT has a horrible record of debasing our profession through systematic, ideological collaboration.

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