February 27, 2010

KleinWitz FOILED!
and an educational puppet show

Let me get this link up so you can hear how NY Daily News columnist Juan Gonzalez foiled 3 years' worth of email correspondence between charter school entrepreneur Eva Moskowitz and Big Daddy Joel Klein.

". . . what it shows is an enormous amount of direct support by the top person in the public school system to these charter schools, in terms of raising money for them, overruling lower-level officials who were insisting that certain policies don’t allow them to do certain things. A very close relationship between the top chancellor of the New York City school system and this very small charter network leader in Harlem."
Transcript of the video clip here on Democracy.Now, and 77 pages of emails written between 2006 and 2009 can be found here.

Read Gonzalez's original article here.
Also read NYC Educator, PerdidoStreet (which gives tel. nos. for Liu, DeBlasio and Quinn to place your complaint), and Accountable Talk on the same topic.

And while we're dealing with great moments in EdDeform history, view this link for what parent activists Jane Hirschmann (Time Out from Testing, left) and Lisa Donlan think about Klein's "Puppet" PEP.

Puppeteer Donlan: "Education puppet, did you actually read the 20 educational impact statements that talk about the schools ... they're supposed to vote on tonight?"

Puppeteer Hirschmann: "Read?!? I'm a PUPPET. I don't read!!!"

Puppeteer Donlan: "Education puppet, did you actually visit any of the schools that you are [slated] to vote on for closing tonight?"

Puppeteer Hirschmann: "Go to public schools? I don't go there. My kids go to private schools."

Puppeteer Donlan: "Did you actually attend any of the local hearings and listen to the hours and hours of heartfelt testimony from teachers, and parents, and students, and administrators ... in the schools they're voting to close today?"

Puppeteer Hirschmann: "Listen to parents? and students? and teachers? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I am much too busy on my Blackberry!"

Michael Best and Joel Klein's reaction to that one —


  1. Under Assult,

    I saw the Democracy Now video was Juan Gonzalez stated that he has a website with all the 125 emails sent back and forth from the from the conflict-of-interest couple, Klein&Moskowitz. I tried to look for it in the website nydailynews.com and couldn't find it. Wondering if you've tried to look for it. I would love for this to be on your blog. Unless it's already in another blog.

    By the way, isn't that cronyism what Klein and Moskowitz are showing to each other? Isn't there enough evidence that the union can take this to PERB or to the Labor Relations Office? Why isn't the union jumping on this while it's sizzling hot?

  2. I put the link in up above. Someone must have posted it as a scribd Document because I found it on another blog.

    Totally agree with you the union can take this and other things to a greater degree of activism. But we always have to remember: they are COLLABORATORS.
    There's been a lot they could have done, but they didn't, haven't, and won't.

  3. Thank you so much. See you at the next meeting.