September 6, 2008

What a difference a list makes

The September issue of Jim Hightower’s newsletter Lowdown gives a list of names his readers came up this summer with to fill positions in an Obama administration.

It’s interesting enough to share, though I have real issues with Bill Richardson and his election manipulations (reported by Greg Palast, but did anyone else pick it up?):

New Mexico's Secretary of State, Rebecca Vigil-Giron, seemed curiously uncurious about Hispanic and Native precincts where nearly one in ten voters couldn't be bothered to choose a president.

Vigil-Giron, along with Governor Bill Richardson, not only stopped any attempt at a recount directly following the election, but demanded that all the machines be wiped clean. This not only concealed evidence of potential fraud but destroyed it. In 2006, New Mexico's Supreme Court ruled the Secretary of State's machine-cleaning job illegal — too late to change the outcome of the election, of course.

The list also made me think of the SATANIC names that would fill positions in a McCain/Palin win.

From Congress, pulpits and the Religious Right, Conservative think-tanks, the corrupt center of the 4th Estate, Law and Order, the dirty tricks club, the 911 devastation (as he keeps reminding us), from puerile, perilous punditry and the very heart of the Democratic Party itself come —

But, I digress. Here’s the list Hightower got from his readers:

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