October 13, 2008

A shout out to TAGNYC

Here's what this important advocacy group has to say to Weingarten and the Unity caucus, and boy, do I agree with it.

If you ever get a chance to hear some of these people speak — like at Klein's PEP sessions (sample video here) — you'll find out how articulate some teachers are and how committed they are to their profession and their colleagues.

TAG's 11 questions to Weingarten were posted on Ednotes in April of last year, and none have been answered, only exacerbated. You can read them in full over there, but in short, they had to do with:
1. Not educating the membership,
2. Fearing for the careers of senior teaches,
3. No attempt to rally,
4. Stalling til 2009,
5. Not railing against the 3020-a process,
6. Not talking about frivolous charges more publicly,
7. Not protesting the absurdity of turning senior teachers into ATRs,
8. Not protesting the willful destruction of careers by unethical people,
9. Weak UFT support at district offices,
10. Not advocating for students when their teachers are being hounded out of the system,
11. Not protecting competent teachers during the "tough Bloomberg-Klein times."
They're rallying again with other protesters:
ATR Urgent Campaign

Gather outside the UFT Delegate Assembly
Wed., Oct. 15, starting at 3:30

Please join us outside and stay for the D.A. if you can. We'll be there with press packets, petitions, fact sheets -- we need to get out the ATRs real story.

We're calling on the UFT to hold a rally in front of the Department of Education and demand all ATRs who want positions be placed before any new teachers are hired. We also need to advocate for teaching fellows who have been told they will be "terminated" if they are not placed in positions by December.
NYC Educator put up another flier that will be handed out at the DA called "The Real Facts about ATRs". I mean, how much more testimony do you need?

If anyone doesn't see BloomKlein's locomotive coming after you, better wake up. It's big, ugly, and very, very nasty.


  1. Randi really does not want to address these problems. That is why she has ignored these issues.

  2. Randy just cares about feathering her own nest. Where is the leadership?

  3. I heard Norm Scott had a cell phone on for a reporter during the DA. Is that true?

  4. Liar, liaar, pants on fire. I'm too cheap to waste my minutes. And besides why would I give the story away to another reporter when I can have so much fun reporting it myslf.