October 25, 2008

Weingarten, what's going on???

Weingarten's Oct. 23rd statement on Bloomberg's third-term coup is posted here, but I refer you there at your own risk, because two lines will make you quite ill:
Weingarten 1:
"We deeply respect people on both sides of this issue."

Weingarten 2:
"Ultimately, we all share the same goal: to protect and enhance the quality of education in this City."

Just how deep is your respect, Randi, for these racketeers, unionbusters, profligate financial institutions, and real estate people restructuring and selling out our city? You respect them deeply? The Council members who caved on this issue? The BloomKlein non-educators who have run this system into the ground?

Don't you dare imply that these people have the same goals for our kids and our union as we do.

No thanks to you and your collaborative caucus members, we'll now have to suffer another miserable term under a billionaire's impoverished ethical standards. Which means we'll be working for a whole army of devious, manipulative and nasty corporate administrators trained up by his generals and installed in our schools until kingdom come.

Weingarten: If you do think we have the same goals as them, you're not the right president for our union.

Step down.

For everyone else:

You can sign this Petition against our imposter "Education mayor" running for a 3rd term.

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