March 15, 2009

Must we keep the faith?

My kids and half a dozen other people have been asking me why I'm so down on Obama these days, and it's really exhausting giving them an answer comprehensive enough to make sense to them.

That's why I was so happy to read the great NYC Educator piece of a few days ago, which does most of the job for me. RBE's just left a couple of things out that have bothered me consistently about the man from the start — in particular, the religion he wears on his sleeve.

Obama's faith-based anythings all scare me. I don't like pastors invoking, blessing, sanctifying or otherwise presiding over inaugurations, hearings, ceremonies, and sessions. That kind of thing tells the world that the opinions of agnostics and atheists like myself somehow don't count.

If, in fact, Obama relies on faith and myths for his moral compass, he should do all of us a favor and keep them on his side of the White House. The spaces reserved for We, the People are protected by an egalitarian, secular Constitution, and he and his advisors should "listen up." They're becoming deaf to a document that screams separation of church and state.

The Times mentioned today that the president takes advice from five pastors. No pun intended, but good god! Faith is a feeling, not a primordial truth, and when politicians flaunt it, they're choosing to be divisive. They're bonding with the like-minded and leaving the rest of us out of the loop.

There's other issues as well, like these:

Obama really protecting unionism in this country? From what we've heard this week, can't say for sure.

Is he doing enough about those bonuses going to AIG managers from taxpayer dollars? I don't think so.

Is he doing enough to make good on campaign promises to end gulags and wars? Likely not.

Is he bringing governmental officials who very likely committed treason to trial? Not so far.

So the real question is:

Is Obama the kind of progressive leader that could really make me happy? Most definitely not.

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