March 9, 2009

Time to get busy

Further to that plea I made two posts ago regarding a protest a against an errant principal at Fordham HS for the Arts, here's what Lynne Winderbaum (Dist Rep, Bx HSS) just sent around:
Thank you so much for your calls of support for our teachers at Fordham High School for the Arts, especially for the third teacher who was sent to the rubber room on the word of the principal with no evidence. At Wednesday’s Chapter Leader meeting you heard from two members at the school about some of the horror, abuse, and intimidation suffered by our Union brothers and sisters at that school for the last five years.

As a result of the last unsupported allegation, the teachers at that school have finally summoned the courage to stand up to their principal. At this point, I would really consider it a personal favor if you would all come, from every Bronx High School, for one hour and bring any other members with you on Friday to show this principal, and all other principals who engage in intimidation and abuse, the power of the UFT!

Parking is difficult at Roosevelt. But if you carpool, there is some parking on the street and a pay lot right across the street that you can split.

Please come! It is very important to show the force of the Union to those who abuse their authority and ruin our members’ lives.

I know there are other important meetings scheduled for the same day —an ICE meeting and a School Governance State Assembly hearing for the Bronx — and I also know it's Friday and most of us would just prefer to head straight home. But, think where you can do the most good this time, and party later.


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  2. I just deleted thecomment above from sexy because it was spam and in Korean, I think. I think it got inserted into about 20 posts

    However, TAG has just sent a letter around with more on this protest. It was written by teachers involved:

    "The principal at this school, Iris Blige, is abusive, arrogant, and disrespectful of teachers. . . . She has framed several teachers that for some reasons made her angry. One teacher has been completely devastated by Bilge’s abuse and the way Blige framed her to get rid of her.. . . On Friday, February 13, 2009, we all wore black to stand in solidarity with this teacher. The situation here has gotten so bad until everyone is now ready to walk out. . . Two chapter leaders resigned because they claim that they just couldn't "deal with her. She told me that the school was too small for any kind of union presence."