June 5, 2010

On-again, off-again layoffs

With the Daily News reporting today that Bloomberg is putting layoffs back on the table, the appropriate reaction amongst normal people should be: Let us know when you've finished playing games.

Bloomberg's saying that additional cuts forced him to do it:

Just two days after he backed off threats to send out pink slips to educators, Bloomberg blamed a $600 million cut from Washington for putting teacher layoffs back on the table.

In fact, what Bloomberg's ready to put back on the table may never have actually been taken off. We don't know what deals he's making or which way he's taking this city. And the same is true for Mulgrew. Last time I heard, the both of them were planning some trips together:

While we have reached no agreement on the next contract, the Mayor and I have agreed to go together to Albany and Washington in the near future to lobby for new resources to prevent devastating budget cuts to our schools, our classrooms, and the communities we serve.

Still making that trip, guys?

Bloomberg's announcement earlier this week to prevent teacher salaries from going up now seems like a ploy to get good press. There's nothing like freezing the wages of those highly paid do-nothing teachers to get some cred on the street, especially with those who read the daily rags. Bloomberg knew all along he couldn't do any of that without first fighting it out with union at the negotiating table.

Sadly, there is nowhere to turn for the "truth" of what's going on. The way the system works, with an an oligarchic ruling class, a dictatorial mayor, a lawbreaking chancellor and an undemocratic union, we're just so much flotsam and jetsam.

Tell me when it's all over, and I'll figure out how to get by.

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