June 30, 2010

Here they go again

Another article about those pesky ATRs sucking the system dry, this time in the Wall Street Journal.

Barbara Martinez likes to quote Joel Klein:
"Some people prefer not to work, let's not kid ourselves," Mr. Klein said.
but she doesn't like quoting the contract.

So, I decided to give her the experience of reading a primary source.

Dear Ms Martinez:

Why don't you mention that the contract says the DoE should be trying to place teachers. They don't much, but here's where it says they should:

Article 17.B.
Rule 11. Unless a principal denies the placement, an excessed teacher will be placed by the Board into a vacancy within his/her district/superintendency. The Board will place the excessed teacher who is not so placed in an ATR position in the school from which he/she is excessed, or in another school in the same district or superintendency.

When I was an ATR, the district only sent me to one school in all that time — one and a half years. When the DoE chooses NOT TO FOLLOW this clause, it is actually violating the contract.

Yet none of the media chooses to report this.

ATRs, they say, have more U ratings than others.
ATRs, they say, have high salaries.
ATRs, they say, don't cut a good image on the job interviews.
ATRs, they say, don't show up at job fairs.

During that same year and a half, I applied to 20 schools, yet with all my experience and good service, only one of them asked me to come in for an interview. That's a disgrace right there. It's obvious to everyone but the press that Klein wants a system built on intern teachers who are malleable and cheap.

Instead of printing what the DoE wants you to print, why don't you start telling the whole story.

Unda Assalto

(Just so you know, the principal of the school the DoE sent me to was hesitant to hire me when he heard I was in arbitration over a faulty excessing. He told me to call him when the case was over. As for the single school that responded to my application, I chose not to attend that interview in the end. I had learned from one of the blogs that it was run by a principal from hell.)


  1. __________________________________
    Barbara Martinez likes to quote Joel Klein:
    "Some people prefer not to work, let's not kid ourselves,"
    Joel Klein, Esq.

    Well, well, the "famously loathed" Joel Klein, Esq. has spoken.

    Was he speaking of himself and his likely, less than eager desire to get up early each morning and make License plates for cars some day in the future.

    Or was he referring to the "owner/s" of the "computer" company the Daily News reportedly said, operated out of two US Post Office boxes, one in Brooklyn, one in Florida, to which Joel Klein reportedly awarded a No Bid, $ 95,000,000 (Ninety Five Million) dollar contract.

    One might well question in total wonder why a Just God saw fit to allow two despicable scourges to inhabit the Earth, the first being Cancer, (which took my Brother's life) and secondly, a twisted creature like Joel I. Klein, Esq.

    The big question is how on Earth did the janitors at 565 Park Ave. ever manage to hoist that huge rock, under which Klein sleeps up into his duplex apt.

    How fortunate for me that I did not purchase the duplex Penthouse in 565 Park Ave when it was offered to me in 1995. Otherwise, due to the fact that hot air rises, I would have been forced to inhale the stench emanating from the apt. of this failed human being, every day and night of my life.

    Should human beings not pause and occasionally be grateful for what they do NOT acquire in life.

  2. Barbara Martinez was given entry to job fair in June that has so much secrecy and security it looked like the Kremlin. She spoke to an ATR we know and nothing of that conversation appeared in her report. Clearly the DOE is giving entry to the Wall St Journal to enable them to write biased reports.