July 10, 2010

On break

While I sort out what I'd like to be doing for the rest of my life, which will be something like this:

or this:

everything that bothers me about EdDeform, Unity Caucus, and Tweed is being covered and linked to by the indefatigable Norm Scott over at Ednotes. He's like Google Earth on speed.

And there is oh so much.

As GEM's Angel Gonzalez wrote this morning on a listserv:

Keep your on-the-money reports coming. Your posts & videos shd be mandated college education curriculum stuff and for PD.
Teachers shd be required to pass a norm-based test on your Ednotes postings and be part of these new teacher report cards.
Teachers who get a U on this Ednotes test would be required to join GEM for a probationary year.

So that is what that Disgusting Dues Sucking Unity-Weingarten Caucus does with our monies while our schools & staff must endure the dire predicaments in our schools.

Pomp, ceremony, extravanganza, virtual fireworks, wining and dining and political spin on relentless betrayal of teachers, students, public schools and communities. And shameless.

Let's get those AFT million$$$$$$$$$$ spent in Seattle to organize our grassroots school constituencies across the country against the likes of Bill Gates in our City, DOE & Sell-out Union halls.

Thanks to all of you who represent our struggle against this AFT betrayal of working class education interests.

To Norm and all the other watchdogs who stay alert even through the hottest days of the summer, we need you guys.

Because they're running this ship into the ground.

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